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MoiHello, my name is Sharon Martini. I am the artist and owner of Lady Bird Designs, home of the "Wonderfully Whimsical Works of Art by Sharon Martini."

Once I had children of my own I found myself immersed in children's literature. One of the things I discovered was that the choices of material with children of color were very limited, and if they did exist, the artwork tended to be much more serious and realistic. It was missing the whimsy and fun.

I decided to create comtemporary books and art that depicted characters of color, infused with fun and whimsy, that certainly didn't take themselves too seriously, even when tackling sensitive issues. The Wonderfully, Whimsical Works of Art by Sharon Martini were born!

I believe that we are all, no matter our color, or culture, the same and my wish is that my happy "colorful" characters and art, appeal to everybody and make you smile. After all, who among us doesn't love to smile!

For as long as I can remember, I have doodled, written songs, stories and poems. As a child I would regale my sister with hilarious stories about a mischievous boy called Nabile who had a penchant for riding on the cat's ear.

Although I have taken art classes in school, I am largely a self-taught, intuive artist with my own unique style - exuberant, free, bright and bold.

My wish is that my cartoon-like characters and vibrant, carefree compositions will make, every one of you, feel fabulously effervescent, and smile.

I work in a variety of media, computer coloring (I always begin with a pen or pencil drawing that I scan), acrylic paint, crayon, oil pastels, fabric collage, a hammer and tile.

I am the author and illustrator of three children's picture books, Max and Me!, Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! I Love Bugs!, and Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go?

I was born and raised in London, England, of Jamaican parentage, but now live in Portland, Oregon where my life with two rambunctious boys, provides me with plenty of creative fodder!

In addition to my books I write and illustrate greeting cards, design and sew hand bags embellished with my Wonderfully, Whimsical Works of Art by Sharon Martini, and recycle denim to create T-Art sew-on patches -

Who Says Art Has To Hang On Your Walls? Hang Some On Your Bum!®

I am an actress, singer/songwriter (I taught myself to play guitar on the red guitar my dad gifted me. My favorite key is currently "D," but I am certain that as my chord repertoire increases, so shall my favorite keys to compose in!

I have performed with The Portland Opera Chorus in Turandot, Northwest Children's Theatre, television commercials, industrial videos, and the Interstate Firehouse production of The Vagina Monologues with Helen Raptis, and Portland's own Darcell, among others. I was a Dreamgirl (the fourth one) with Stumptown Stages, careened between ten different characters including, Fannie Lou Hamer, Cesar Chavez and Marion Andersen in WonderBroads with BroadArts Theater. I sang on the main stage at The Amory for PlayWrite, Inc. and last but not least, I cartwheeled on stage in La Carpa Del Ausente with Miracle Theater.

I am advocating for humanity at all times and am proud to have been invited to speak about my art and its inherent activism at Portland State University.

Oftentimes, to my children's chagrin (and secret delight), you can find me warbling melodiously through life.

I do believe we must hang onto our inner child, for when we do, we are more apt to let life lead us everywhere!

Picasso said "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist as she grows."

My art and books grow out of my extremely vivid imagination and my eclectic life experiences.

My "Wonderfully, Whimsical, Works of Art by Sharon Martini!" have been featured on AM Northwest and Slumber bags featuring my designs were launched at Toy Fair International 2004, New York.

MoiLady Bird WalkingLady Bird WalkingLady Bird WalkingLady Bird WalkingLady Bird WalkingLady Bird WalkingMoi
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