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Sharon_Martini Welcome to Africa Village Arts my creative enterprise located by the sea in Jamaica — the home of my ancestors.

One day Spirit said, "Go home to your roots!" And so I did.

Weaving my own space, place and life in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, I spend my time, when I am not volunteering in my community, creating, sanding, sawing, singing, painting, sewing, strumming my guitar and digging in the soil.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am love.

Come and visit me at The Mud Palace Gallery,you;ll find me barefoot in the sand! If you can't visit in person, click on any of the links above to check in.

One love, Sharon
My photographer friend Nadia from Montreal took this fabulous photo!
Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica • 876-275-0832

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