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Accidental Activist Artist!
Lady Bird Walking

The power of art is communication, which is, communion!

My "accidental activist" art grew out of my life experiences here in America - specifically, Portland, Oregon - where I "joke" that "I didn't know I was black until I came here, and I have always been this beautiful dark chocolate color!" It grew out of motherhood. Being a mother of two brown boys and unable to find contemporary whimsical art and books depicting children of color in common settings and situations. As I have grown, educated myself, and connected, through the call of my ancestors, to my African and Jamaican roots, I have begun to incorporate my interpretations of that richness into new works, yet still retaining the whimsy and joy.

My art reflects my values, in spite of racism, oppression, inequality, exclusion, by being, honest, irreverent, and overflowing with an abundance of joy. Ultimately, my art reflects my values and concerns in its truthfulness and healing qualities.

My art addresses progressive social change by bringing to the forefront, with candor and humor, the truth that we, no matter our color or culture, are the same - inherently human, and entitled to love, peace, joy and equal treatment.

I seek to open everyone's eyes to the fact that we are all human. We can all be competent, or incompetent, capable, or incapable, kind, or malevolent, no matter where we reside on the "human color wheel." And I seek to show that those of us with dark skin, the black amongu us, the ones with claimed African heritage (man has a tendency to forget that we are all "out of Africa,") can and do, (and did) provide all humans with art and love and joy that brings healing.

I work in a variety of media - pen, acrylic, pencil, fabric, collage, song, theatre. My books are a combination of visual and literary art. My writings are literary. My songs are performing art. I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist, or, a "Whole heart Human."
Lady Bird Designs
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