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What's In A Name?
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"Dotty Beetle Books." Aside from the fact that I love the rhythmic and melodic way the words roll off my tongue, there is a definite method to my madness in naming my Independent Press.

Where I come from, London, England, "dotty" not only describes something spotty, but it's also another name, term of endearment really, for someone considered, nutty, eccentric, crazy even. Well, I have been considered all of those and I proudly claim them in that sweet, innocent, child-like sort of way. Remember my mantra, my belief that we must "Hang onto our inner child for when we do, we are more apt to let life lead everywhere!" Looking back on my life, I'm certain that hanging on to my inner child is what has kept me sane, even as I proudly claim the dotty mantle.

Why Beetle? Beetles, lady bugs (in America) and lady birds (in England) are considered to be bringers of good fortune. As a child one tried never to kill a ladybird, you gently settled it somewhere safe.
In ancient Egypt, the beetle, scarab, or dung beetle, was held in high esteem. Scarabs and Egyptian Sun Worship were one and the same. The dung beetles habit of rolling around animal dung in which it lay its larvae, and from which its young are born, was to the Egyptians, a representation of the Sun's heavenly circuit and its daily self-renewal. The scarab was considered a deity representing self-renewal, creation and resurrection. Scarabs carved of stone were used as magical amulets to bring the power of "eternal renewal of life."

My stories, and artwork, are birthed from the rolled up detritus of my life's experiences, which hopefully brings about good fortune as smiles and laughter to the readers and viewers of same!

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