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Welcome to the home of my magical, maniacally, multicolored, multicultural, manuscripts. Here you will find contemporary stories featuring "Colorful" characters, doing things every little child does (and if we are honest, the things we big ones do, and have done, too,) - catching bugs, jumping, dancing, delaying bedtime, going to the zoo; participating in ordinary, everyday activities, with gusto and giggles.

My aim with Dotty Beetle Books is to illustrate with my whimsical art, resplendent in "Colorful" characters, joyous, and sometimes deliciously silly prose, how alike we - humanity's children - all are. By showing predominantly brown, delightfully dark-hued, characters doing ordinary things I hope to penetrate the invisible barriers exisiting in our "multicultural" world that prevent us from connecting on a human and heart level. Also, quite simply, I want to provide more choices for the brown, deliciously darked-hued, children of humanity, so that they too can see themselves starring in the pages of the humorously told, whimsically illustrated ordinary stories; with the pink, lovely light-hued, characters playing supporting roles.

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Dotty Beetle Books—Little Picture Books Big In Joy And Colorful Characters! For all humanity's children! Proudly printed in Jamaica.

Max and Me Promotional Flyer

Max and Me
ISBN: 978-976-96049-2-6
ISBN: 978 976 96049 2 6

Paperback binding
36 pages

In this era of multiculturalism, we sometimes forget that people, no matter their color, or culture, are inherently the same.

Max and Me is a story about friendship between two little boys of different colors. (Yes, that's right, color, not race. There is only one race - the human race.) It is a sweet and funny story that reminds us that we are all the same at heart. If we dare!

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Max and Me!


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! I Love Bugs!

ISBN: 978-976-96049-0-2
ISBN: 978 976 96049 0 2

Paperback binding
36 pages

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what Gwendoline is made of. But, Gwendoline loves all things squiggly, wiggly, creepy and crawly. Yes! Gwendoline love bugs!

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! I Love Bugs! will have you smiling from cover to cover!

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Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go?

ISBN: 978-976-96049-1-9
ISBN: 978 976 96049 1 9

Paperback binding
36 pages

It's bedtime for baby.
Baby isn't tired.
Baby doesn't want to go to bed.
Uh! Oh! where did baby go?
Peek inside to see how baby is finally lulled to sleep.

A delightful bedtime (or anytime) tale—for parents and children alike!

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Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go?

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