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Intuitive Healing
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Sophia Sitting Silently Sifting To SeeIntuitive Healing, or Shamanism, as it is oftentimes referred to in Western culture, is an ancient spiritual practice of direct, divine, revelation, involving an intimate connection with the spirits, outside of time and ordinary reality, for the purposes of healing and divination. It has been practiced in all "corners" of this earth and is in fact still practiced in many indigenous cultures throughout the world. It is not faith based. It is not a religion. It is spiritual and experiential. It is a practice of empowerment that directly involves the client in his or her own healing.

The Intuitive healer (shamanic healer, medicine-woman/man, curandera, folk, intuitive, or traditional healer) uses rattling, drumming, and/or singing to enter a trance state to journey between the realms. The Intuitive healer always journeys for a purpose – with intent. The intention, or question, is the critical element in shamanic healing. This question should be clear and concise. Homing in on what it is you need to know requires focus and absolute honesty. This is the crucial first step to becoming empowered.

Intuitive/Shamanic healing is not a passive practice. It is a practice of empowerment that directly involves the client in his or her own healing. Healing cannot be affected if the client is not actively engaged and committed to participating in his or her own “coming into wholeness.”

The etymological meaning of "heal" is "to make whole." In Intuitive Healing, it is believed that sickness is the physical manifestation of dis-ease in the spiritual plane, and that there cannot be true healing without attending to the spiritual causes. Therefore, unlike in Westernized medicine, healing doesn't necessarily mean a curing of a disease, although oftentimes with full participation of the client, whole healing does happen. Ultimately, the spirits know where we need healing and will act accordingly.

When I journey to the spirits for healing, divination, etc, the messages I receive are for whomever I journey for. It is not my role, as the practitioner, to interpret what I “see.” I will offer an interpretation and my overall feel, but the information conveyed will "speak" directly to the client. This is always the case, even when it is not immediately apparent. Ultimately, the client needs to “hear” the message. Sometimes the message is as direct as “Tell (client)…” Other times the message is metaphorical and  “hearing” the message will take time and focus - focus being the sometimes “painful,” key to healing.

With healings, sometimes the message is simply the knowledge that someone sent love (healing, a wish for a return to wholeness), your way, and that alone, is empowering, and ultimately, healing. Most times, however, information is gleaned which will aid in personal healing.

Always with a divination journey, the answer is a personal message for the client, and it is the client's responsibility to participate fully in "hearing" this message. The purpose of these messages is to empower, so you can be fully present in your own healing.

I am also attuned in Reiki I an II and incorporate this in with my natural intuitive gift.

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