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Max and Me
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Max and Me Book

Max and Me = $10.00

Written and illustrated by Sharon Martini - Spanish translation by Hortensia Elizondo
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English Edition
Spanish Edition

One day I experienced a moment that touched my soul so deeply, I knew I had to create "Max and Me," and so I did! Read the true story behind Max and Me.

In this era of multiculturalism, and a seeming emphasis on our differences, we sometimes forgot that people, no matter their color, or culture, are inherently the same. "Max and Me" is a fun, uplifting story about friendship that illustrates this fact with levity and candor.

This hand made and signed book will make a delightful addition to your library.

I hear music in words and pictures and Max and Me inspired me to write the song "What Color Are You?" Click here to hear me singing, and playing, (I taught myself to play guitar on the red guitar my father gifted to me before he died) the Max and Me theme song, "What Color Are You?"

There are many layers to this book. It touches upon so many issues but so subtle as to not overwhelm. I found myself at first thinking about the multicultural theme then as I read on it became very melodic and I started enjoying the text. Then the comparisons of body parts turned into what they can do with them so the focus went there, then by the end it had erased cultural boundaries and I realized it was a book of friendship all along. And of course the drawings are great, I loved the haircut pictures and there is a lot to look at for young eyes. I really loved it.

Wendy Efaw, Publishing Agent

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Through my book, Max and Me, I was invited to present at the Read To Me International Conference in Hawaii. Click to read all about it.

Reproductions of the art from this book is available on Note cards, Prints, T-Art! Patches, Magnets, Decoupaged Mirrors and Frames and Handbags. Check back often to see what new incarnations I have created.

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