Soil a Jamaica® 100 percent cotton t-shirts are hand-dyed with lovein Jamaica, using the fertile, iron-rich, red dirt of Pedro Plains, and other parts ,St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.Mixing the iron oxide rich mud with water, vigour, and lots of love,into a mucky paste, massaging I “finger paint” the concoction directlyinto the fibres of the cloth. The material is then rinsed thoroughly andline dried under the Jamaican sunshine. This results in vibrant terracotta shades that become blank canvases just waiting to beadorned with my Lady Bird Designs —“Wonderfully Whimsical Works of Art by Sharon Martini!”

My signature shirt is emlazoned withmy original screenprint, Soil A Jamaica®. I also embellish using natural dyes, applique, batik and paint. Need a custom design? Link me.Each shirt is a one of a kind, work of art, adorned on the back with Akuaba, the Ashanti symbol of fertility, health, prosperity and love, inhonour of my African, Maroon, heritage.

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