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Uh! Oh!
Where Did Baby Go?
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Uh! Oh! Book
Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go? = $10.00 each
Written and illustrated by Sharon Martini
Spanish translation by Hortensia Elizondo
UhOh Spanish

It's bed time for baby, but baby thinks otherwise! Baby isn't tired. Baby doesn't want to go to bed. Baby hides.

Find out how baby is finally lulled to sleep in this delightful story every parent and child can relate to.

Luscious felt collage illustrations complement perfectly this endearing tale.

Inspired by my rambunctious loveables, this hand made, and signed, book will make a delightful addition to your library.

I had so much fun creating the felt-collage illustrations for Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go?

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Follow this adorable baby throughout his bedtime game because he doesn't want to go to sleep. Going through the ritual of "Uh! Oh! where did baby's tummy go?" "Where did baby's toes go?" until he takes a bath and finally goes to sleep.

These pictures are made out of felt which makes them more cute and they come out much more alive!
Five cloud rating!

Lisa, Managing Editor of Lisa's Book Review

Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go? is a picture book with an effective combination of text and pictures for the very young. Sharon Martini has done a great job of using simple language and illustration to portray the traditional hiding games played by small children.

Her bright felt collage illustrations and large font create an interesting two-page spread for this book. It is well balanced throughout, displaying excellent graphic design.
A delightful tale for bedtime, this story will be enjoyed by parents and preschoolers alike. I highly recommend it!

By Linda Aksomitis
Author of the Gopher Gulch folktale picture books at
As well as the Kristin picture books at

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